ProjectD Race ProjectD Race Our server have DM DM time 36979960 Same DM Time 36979961 Same Same 36979962 Same Same 36979963 Stand By before Race This race is between 2 racers. 36979964 Get Ready~ 36979965 And!!~! 36979966 GO!!~! 36979967 I WON!~! The Battle's result is .... [ProjectD]Alwin WON!!~! 36979969 Winner is waiting for loser.~! Waiting for Raymond~ 36979970 OH MY GOD!~! he is maniac!!~! 36979971 kicking on his noob car? So funny~! 36979972 I join with him Hehh..~! funny !~ 36979973 My Car Time..~! Shuffle on my car..~! 36979974 He is not happy about my pro car..~ this crazy guy... 36979975 Again.... this crazy guy is gone worse! 36979976 Fighting with me.. 36979977 ARGHH~!~! 36979978 Someone is die! After my punch hes died. 36979959 Alwin drifting speed drift style 37064169 Alwin Slide Drift Block opponent drift style 37064170 HOHOHO 37064171 Drift.. 37064172 Drift...~ 37064173 Win opponent drift style 37064175 GO~! 37064176 Look like sharingan 37064174